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Technosmart Engineering in numbers

27 years of experience: the company was established in 2014 in partnership with the private design company Golden Project (20 years of design experience)


More than 60 projects over the past 7 years: we have provided our services to the largest companies: Murad Buildings, UzGazOil, Humo Arena, Oʻzbekiston havo yoʻllari, Tashkent city administration, etc.


More than 30 specialists who have received specialized education and have extensive work experience


Our partners

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Design and construction with minimal expenses and maximum effect

  • The main task of our designers is to design a building at minimal cost without compromising safety and functionality

  • We guarantee the approval of the project and receipt of all permits.

Especially for you, we have compiled a small library in which we described in detail the features of the implementation of individual projects from the point of view of architecture and construction.

Find out how to reduce building operating costs using wastewater treatment plants


Our employees

Our organization employs more than 40 employees, more than 30 of them are architects, general planners, technical survey engineers, architectural supervision engineers, electrical supply engineers, heating, ventilation and air conditioning engineers, design engineers, estimating engineers, fire safety experts, instrumentation and control engineers and other specialists necessary for the successful implementation of a project of any complexity.


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