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Cold storage warehouses

The opening of borders for the export of agricultural products has created the opportunity to open a new type of business - leasing refrigerated warehouses. To successfully implement this project, it is necessary to correctly calculate and organize the space, provide for all the nuances and think through everything down to the smallest detail. You can find some information on how to do everything correctly in our article.

When constructing refrigerated warehouses, two types of design solutions are possible - standard solutions or individual ones. To fully satisfy all customer requirements, it is necessary to calculate and implement individual projects, so we offer the service of designing refrigerated warehouses anywhere in Uzbekistan.

This is a necessary and technically complex work process that takes into account all the actual features of a separately located building, which takes into account wind and snow loads, seismicity, fire safety and other factors. But in the end, an individual refrigerated warehouse project provides:

  • Ability to operate the building in the required temperature range

  • Optimal area and configuration of premises.

  • Maximum adaptation to the type of stored products.

  • Maximum thermal insulation of the building.

  • Optimal selection of refrigeration equipment, shelving and other elements for storing products.

  • Compliance with the temperature and climatic features of the area.

  • Cost savings during construction due to optimization of costs for equipment and materials during design.

Requirements for cold storage warehouses

Before talking about the requirements for refrigerated warehouses, you must decide on the type of warehouse:

Depending on the type of stored products, the height of the cargo volume and the lowest temperature, refrigerated warehouses are divided into 4 categories - from A to D. We will prepare any warehouse project for the needs of commercial and industrial enterprises. To solve any, even the most complex problems, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to create a cold storage project for your individual order at a competitive price, such as:

  • Auxiliary premises for a bar, restaurant, shop, etc.

  • Premises for warehouse and trade operations, logistics centers.

  • Warehouses for storing food market goods.

  • Vegetable storage or refrigerated warehouse for storing other types of agricultural products.

  • The facility is used as a production warehouse for food industry enterprises, as well as for solving many other problems.


We were not able to include all the information on the design of refrigerated warehouses on the site, but you can get all the other information during a personal conversation with us by calling +998 78 150 99 33 or sending an email to:

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