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Pharmaceutical manufacturing

A pharmaceutical enterprise refers to industrial buildings that include several zones: main production, auxiliary, energy, transport and storage - each of these zones can be represented as a separate building. On the territory of industrial production, a comprehensive solution to the issues of placement of buildings and structures, planning and landscaping of the territory, utility networks, organization of economic and cultural services systems is required.

When choosing a location for pharmaceutical production buildings, the following criteria should be taken into account: technical and economic indicators of the selected area; the possibility of locating the enterprise near the source of raw materials and reducing the routes for exporting finished products; issues of sanitary and hygienic conditions and ecology.

When designing pharmaceutical enterprises, special requirements are imposed on compliance with environmental conditions: to reduce the impact on the environment, it is necessary to correctly locate industrial enterprises in relation to residential areas, public buildings and structures, recreational areas, taking into account the prevailing wind direction

The location of the pharmaceutical production building along or at an angle of 45 ° relative to the prevailing wind direction will ensure the removal of the flow of air masses with admixtures of industrial emissions from residential and public areas of the settlement. The location of the pharmaceutical production facility on a gentler slope also contributes to better ventilation of the area.

The ecology of pharmaceutical enterprises requires both the protection of the industrial facility from environmental influences and the protection of the external environment from pharmaceutical production. Air protection from emissions, odors and noise of a pharmaceutical enterprise is ensured by the mandatory planting of a sanitary protection strip around the territory of the production enterprise. On the other hand, the feasibility of reducing the amount of atmospheric pollution and reducing the load on internal production air purification systems requires the placement of industrial buildings at the proper distance from large industries and large transport routes.

The spatial organization of the territories of industrial enterprises should be aimed at providing the most favorable conditions for the production process. In order to ensure the efficiency of industrial production, it is necessary: optimal functional zoning of the territory, taking into account technological connections; compliance with sanitary, hygienic and fire safety requirements; creating conditions for freight circulation, transport and pedestrian routes; organization of a system of buildings for administrative, economic, and domestic purposes; correct compositional solution for development.


These are just some of the principles on which our architects rely when designing pharmaceutical industry facilities. You can get more detailed information by calling; (78) 150 33 99

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