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Technical survey

1. We will study the as-built documentation related to the project and construction.


2. We will carry out instrumental technical examination and develop technical inclusions. Let's find out the possibility of construction. • visual inspection of waterproofing and load-bearing underground structures of the building (excavation work was carried out), identification of defects and violations using photography;


3. Instrumental examination of building structures and individual elements (strength indicators of building materials and concrete, level of water resistance of concrete); If the building is capable of supporting additional loads based on the conclusion of technical supervision, the preliminary design is submitted for approval to the Architectural and Construction Council of the city of Tashkent in agreement and cooperation with the customer.


4. After approval of the sketch plan, we will make a 3D model of the elements of the additional floor being built above the building from the foundation to the roof in the LIRA program, and calculate the net weight and dynamic loads. existing and new cargo.


5. Based on the information provided by LIRA, we will develop a strengthening project and a working design. 3D design was carried out in Revit and Tekla programs.


6. The design for strengthening the building and the working design are submitted for examination,


7. A positive expert opinion is obtained and handed over to the customer in 3 copies.


8. Design supervision will visit the construction site once or twice a month for 2 hours for 6 months.

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