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If you need to design a building or structure for industrial or public purposes, then you can use the services of our design institute. Our Experts will carry out all the necessary work for the preliminary calculation of all indicators and will create a package of working documentation with diagrams and drawings for construction, reconstruction and repair works.


Building design is a set of activities that is carried out before the construction of objects of any type: industrial, commercial, public and others. As a result of all this work, a detailed project with an expanded graphic part and theoretical material is formed.


Main design stages

The building design process is carried out in several stages, which are important in the construction of quality structures. Compliance with generally accepted rules minimizes risks during the construction and further operation of the facility, since experienced engineers will take into account all the details and possible difficulties.


Stages of designing structures:


1. The first stage of developing a project for any building is the creation of a sketch, which is included in the architectural design. At this stage, the main problems and nuances are resolved so that in the future there is no need to make changes before making a final decision. The customer and specialists from the design organization work out an individual architectural plan, facade, room sizes, etc.


2. At the next stage, the development of an engineering project is carried out. This is an approved part of the documentation when drawing up a building project. In the process of drawing up a project, drawings are developed to the required extent for coordination with government authorities. The design of the house is carried out on the basis of current standards and regulatory requirements. At the same stage, when designing industrial facilities, adjustments are made in connection with production technology.


3. At the third stage, working documentation is drawn up. It includes the preparation of detailed drawings covering all sections of the project that will be required to carry out construction or renovation work.


4. At the last stage, a design project is developed.


Development of design and estimate documentation

The design of residential buildings or public facilities requires the mandatory development of design documentation.

This is the second stage in the preparation of the entire set of documents, during which drawings are developed for all sections to the extent necessary for approval. During the design process, state standards and regulatory requirements are observed. The set of project documentation includes the following documents:

  • TA for the entire project;

  • general plan;

  • previously drawn up architectural project;

  • constructive and technological parts of the project;

  • results of decisions on all engineering equipment that will be installed, etc.


Development of DD documentation

When designing public buildings and any other type of facility, working documentation is developed. This is the third stage of project creation. It includes the drawing up work that will be required to carry out all construction or renovation work. A package of documents is drawn up, which includes:

All working drawings, consisting of an axonometric diagram, sectional plan, and facade plan.

List of equipment, materials and finished products required for work (if any).

Estimate for all sections of the project.


Author's supervision

In order for the construction of a facility to be of high quality, it is necessary to organize supervision over the entire process. It is provided by the design organization represented by a specialist who supervises all work.

Its task is to eliminate all possible deviations from the project, which could cause a gross violation of terms, conditions and design. The audit covers all stages of the construction process, starting from the selection of materials and preparation of the foundation.

The specialist conducts a preliminary conversation with the foreman before starting work so that the technology is followed and mistakes are not made. Monitors the quantity and quality of materials used, etc.


Cost of building design

A building project consists of a large number of sections, each of which can be ordered separately from a design organization, so the calculation of the cost of building design covers all sections. In this case, the price is indicated per 1 sq. m. m and in general terms is drawn up for the entire project as a whole. Detailed documentation includes up to 7 sections depending on the object; accordingly, the cost will be formed from 7 variables.

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