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Oil and gas facilities

Oil and gas industry facilities are a complex of structures and devices that ensure the reception, storage, transportation and delivery of oil, petroleum products, fuel oil, etc. These include main pipelines, compressor and pumping stations, gas supply systems and high-pressure gas pipelines, oil and gas fields , terminals and oil depots, etc.

Competent design of oil and gas complex facilities and its further construction plays an important role on a national scale, because hydrocarbon raw materials occupy high positions in the commodity sphere of the international market. The sale of resources brings large profits to manufacturing companies, which provides the opportunity to solve important political, economic and social problems and achieve the goals of the state. Income from resource extraction and operating costs directly depend on the correctness of the solutions chosen by engineers and the use of modern technologies.

TechnoSmart Engineering design engineers have been specializing in the design of highly complex facilities since 2015; all design work is carried out in strict accordance with state standards and fully meets modern construction requirements.

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We design:

Gas processing plants;


Gas stations;


Support and temporary bases, and other types of oil and gas facilities;



1) Receiving the customer’s assignment and concluding a design contract. Technical specification is a document that indicates the purpose of the object being developed, its technical characteristics, technical and economic indicators, etc.


2) Collection of initial data for project implementation.


3) Survey work is the basis for choosing design and technological solutions for the future construction project.


4) Preparation of estimate documentation.


5) Preparation of the project based on the data received. A project is a document consisting of text and graphic parts.


6) Expertise in the relevant specialized bodies.


7) After the positive conclusion of the Examination, working documentation is developed - a set of text and graphic parts necessary for construction and installation work.


8) Carrying out designer's supervision - monitoring the implementation of all design decisions during the construction and operation of the facility.

Having extensive experience and all the necessary permits for the design of oil and gas facilities of any complexity, in compliance with all production standards and safety requirements, we can easily cope with any technical task for the design of oil and gas facilities and complete the work in the shortest possible time.

More information about the requirements for oil and gas facilities can be found here.

For any questions you may have, please call: 78 150 33 99

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