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Utilities design

Utilities play an equal and sometimes even more significant role than the main building. The functionality of the building, its performance and safety directly depend on the correct calculations of communications and their correct installation.

Buildings of any type require the installation of at least one type of utilities. This is an important and difficult job that requires a lot of effort and calculations. So, we design the following types of communications:

Water supply and sewerage networks;


Power supply networks;


Water treatment system;


Treatment stations;


Main design stages

At the same time, the order of their design is usually strictly defined: work begins with the creation of designs for heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems, as well as fire protection systems, and ends with the design of electrical supply systems and ITP.

The design of internal engineering systems also includes such technological components as radio installation and telephone installation, laying television cables and local area network lines, clock installation, automation and dispatching, development of ASKUE (automated system for monitoring and metering of electricity), etc.

Errors in the design of internal networks can significantly affect the efficiency of the “functioning” of the entire structure. Thus, independent development of projects for different communication systems can lead to serious design miscalculations. For example, the impressive dimensions of engineering equipment will lead to a significant reduction in the working area of the premises, the ceilings will be low due to the clutter of communication networks in the upper part of the premises, and errors in choosing an air conditioning system can cause unreasonably high operating costs (for example, when using chiller-fan coils in small buildings).

One of the most popular and innovative areas today is “green technologies” in engineering systems. They are based on the use of natural energy sources, environmentally friendly materials, etc. In the West, energy-efficient technologies are increasingly being used in construction, which are more environmentally friendly and also can significantly reduce energy costs during the operation of the building.

TechnoSmart Engineering is one of the few companies in Uzbekistan that directly cooperates with the Green Building Council and applies international experience to apply "green technologies"

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